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DCC Ramp Repairs

Project Details

Location: Winnipeg, MB.
Client: Defence Construction Canada
Completed: Summer of 2008

Project Description

The work covered the;
  • Demolition and removal of existing concrete pavement
  • Installation of temporary access roads
  • Removal of existing granular, common material and sub-drain piping, adjustment of existing manholes
  • Construction of new pavement structure complete with granular base and sub-base
  • Placement of new concrete pavement complete with pavement markings, and general landscaping
  • Work completed in summer of 2008

Key Challenges and Solutions

The major challenges of this project were;
  • Sourcing and producing aggregate to meet the unique sieve analysis requirements for base and sub base materials
  • Meeting the specified tolerance for finished base surface prior to placement of concrete
  • Meeting the specified tolerance for concrete pavement to avoid penalties for roughness
The solutions to the above problems;
  • Source, supply and blend a “40 grit” sand into the processing operation when manufacturing blasted limestone to produce 19mm base course and 50mm sub base materials
  • Utilized Cat/Trimble Laser Guided Machine Control Systems on Caterpillar motor grader to achieve a finished tolerance to the surface of the base course to within 3mm accuracy
  • Capitalized on the accuracy of the finished base and equipped the concrete slip form paver with an automatic float system to fully minimize surface irregularities that are common when finishing concrete by bull float methods