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James Street Gravity Outfall Rehabilitation

Project Details

Location: Morris, MB.
Client: Manitoba Infrastructure, Water Management and Structures
Completed: October 2016

Project Description

The work covered the;
  • Construction of cofferdams and the removal of two existing 1800 diameter culverts passing through the Morris flood protection dike
  • Installation of two 1800 corrugated metal pipes, connection to the existing flood control chamber and construction of new inlet and outlet structures complete with anti-seepage collars
  • Reinstatement of the flood control dike prior to frost penetration

Key Challenges and Solutions

The major challenges of this project were;
  • A staged 10m deep structural excavation through the Morris flood protection dike
  • Bedding and compaction around the pipes to ensure proper support and reduce the likelihood of deformation and premature failure
  • Construction of bentonite anti-seepage collars to prevent piping through the granular bedding
  • Meeting the placement and compaction requirements for the clay dike material
The solutions to the above problems;
  • Slope flattening and bank unloading and protection to minimize the risk of the adjacent dike slope failure during the excavation
  • Careful placement and compaction of pipe bedding including density testing and constant pipe deflection measuring
  • Continuous clay dike placement, compaction and testing to take advantage of good weather at the end of the construction season