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Selkirk Avenue Pavement Reconstruction and Streetscaping

Project Details

Location: Winnipeg, MB.
Client: City of Winnipeg – Public Works, Water & Waste
Completed: Fall 2016

Project Description

The work covered the;
  • Excavation
  • Placement of sub-base and course materials
  • Remove and replace existing pavement
  • Installation of curb and gutter inlets, catchbasins, catch pits and connectin pipe
  • Placemnet of paving stones
  • Installation of amenities (bike racks, concrete planters, hanging baskets)
  • Boulevard restoration
  • Plaza Upgrade

Key Challenges and Solutions

The major challenges of this project were;
  • The replacement of street pavement and sidewalks in a two phased approach, all the while ensuring safety for pedestrians and access to existing buildings along the Selkirk Avenue.
  • Utility coordination which included new street lighting and decorative light poles.
  • Gas line service relocations and parallel gas main protection.
  • Traffic Signal and infrastructure relocations.
  • Powers Plaza Pedestrian movements.
The solutions to the above problems;
  • Our scope of work allowed us to revitalize and rejuvenate a major avenue within the Northend of the City
  • A phased approach that planned for the use of pedestrian walkways to provide minimal disruption to businesses and residents
  • Working closely and cooperatively with Manitoba Hydro and City of Winnipeg Signals Branch