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PTH 59 – PTH 101 Interchange and PTH 101/Raleigh Street Active Transportation (AT) Grade Separation


Project Details

Location: Winnipeg, MB.
Client: Manitoba Infrastructure – Province of Manitoba
Completed: Fall 2018

Project Description

The work covered the;
  • New interchange at the intersection of PTH 59 and PTH 101 (Winnipeg’s north perimeter route) including future allowance for six lanes on PTH 101
  • Upgraded intersection at PTH 59 and PR 202 with a traffic signal and additional turning lanes
  • Six lanes on PTH 59 between PTH 101 and PR 202
  • Through-pass crossing of PTH 101 at the Raleigh Street/Gateway Street corridor that accommodates an Active Transportation corridor and a separate emergency vehicle crossing
  • Closure of access along PTH 101 and PTH 59 and hard surfacing of selected service roads

The design build construction contract was awarded to Flatiron Construction Canada Ltd. Nelson River is engaged as a sub-contractor with the following scope: supply & placement of all granular sub-base and base, all concrete and asphalt paving including curbs, gutters, medians, sidewalks, etc. This multi-year project began in 2015 and is scheduled to be completed in the fall of 2018.

Key Challenges and Solutions

A project of this scale requires extra-ordinary planning and execution. PTH 59 and the north perimeter are major thoroughfares with consistent, heavy traffic flow. During construction at least four lanes of PTH 59 and at least two lanes of PTH 101 are to remain open at all times. As the surrounding communities continue to expand, this project is designed to ease traffic congestion, allow for future infrastructure growth and ensure that current safety standards are met.