Employee Appreciation and Recognition 2022 - Celebrating 99 years of Service!

The Nelson River team celebrates another great year of quality workmanship.

On Thursday, November 10, 2022, after a two year hiatus, NRC was able to celebrate the 33rd annual Nelson River Employee Appreciation and Recognition Event. Hundreds of Nelson River employees attended the evening to celebrate another great year of quality workmanship. At this annual event, we thank our hardworking men and women for their commitment and dedication.


One of the highlights of the evening is recognizing the many individuals who have achieved special milestones with the company. This year, 34 people were recognized, twelve with more than 15 years of service with the company including 3 entering the quarter century club and 2 celebrating 30 years of service!

The Nelson River Employee Appreciation and Recognition event provides a venue for our employees to gather and celebrate our collective accomplishments. Gord Lee, President & CEO, provides a recap of the past year, hands out the Years of Service Awards and presides over the awarding of various door prizes – which is also a much-anticipated part of the evening.

“Being able to get everyone together, enjoy a meal and mingle with all the talented people in our organization is something I looks forward to every year,” says Gord. “Employee appreciation and recognition is a core value of ours.”

Next year marks our 100th year in business!  A huge milestone for any company and we look forward to celebrating!

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